Friday, October 27

We were aiming for the moon, we were shooting at the stars
But the kids were just shooting at the buses and the cars

"Bury Me With It", Modest Mouse

They're pointing with their pistols
While we're reaching for the sky
The soundtrack of their lives
Is an eye for an eye for an eye for an eye...

"No Sleeves", Les Savy Fav

Thursday, October 5

Cinema offers humanity its experimental laboratory for research into continuity and discontinuity. Conceived and deployed as a critical instrument in a world where the principal antagonist of knowledge is communication (in the contemporary disciplinary sense of the term), cinema makes it possible, in the face of the evidence of apparent facts, to unearth prescription and injunction, undo artificial associations, introduce rupture, and establish fresh, untried links between phenomena.
Nicole Brenez

Monday, October 2

Por que uma imagem e não outra?

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