Thursday, March 29


Tuesday, March 27

Karen's leaving for the snow
Somewhere to somewhere, blind
Cuts at the lining of my soul
I was tethered to her for a time

"Karen Koltrane", Sonic Youth

Monday, March 26

It's the insanity of making movies, the sadomasochism of making a movie and how you can destroy your life just to make a movie, and then in the end, is it worth it? And it's a little bit like Day For Night, Truffaut's film, how it's, you know, you see the movie being shot, it's a movie within a movie, and sometimes it's very confusing, what's real and what's not real.

Thursday, March 22

At the end of this "last" film [Love Streams], love is a kind of difficult gift: something freely given but also liable to go beyond the usual etiquette of exchange between actor and character and spectator and film. One way to sum up Cassavetes's films is to say that they experiment with the forms of cinematic expression to conjure such a sense of affective surplus.
— George Kouvaros

Tuesday, March 20 is twenty-four frames a second, and when you sit in a room, between every fucking frame is a little bit of black. So, at the end of the fucking hour-and-a-half movie, everybody here sat in the dark for maybe thirty minutes. When you watch tapes, it's a constant obliteration of your mind. In these thirty minutes of darkness, there is a symbiosis between the audience and the film. That's when you make your own film. And you also watch a film with everybody all around you, everybody here at the same time and that's not like watching video, man, even if videos saved our lives.
— Abel Ferrara

Friday, March 16

O que significa ser um cineasta autoral num país como o Brasil? — O processo de confecção de meus filmes é aberto. Todo mundo pode se expressar, não é uma coisa fechada. Cinema autoral parece aquela coisa de o sujeito ter realizado tudo. Não é o meu caso. A gente filma no set; não gosto de filmar no papel. Meu processo de criação é o mais aberto possível. O autoral, no caso, está presente na liberdade e na integridade.
— Beto Brant

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