Wednesday, July 13

"Listen," said I, murmuring the words in her ear, "we won't go through it again but just let me put it in a few moments and then I'll go. It's too good to stop all of a sudden. I won't come, I promise…." She looked at me imploringly, as if to say, "Can I believe you? Yes, I do want it. Yes, yes, only don't knock me up, will you?"
— Henry Miller, Sexus

Sunday, July 10

First you need a tremendous amount of persistence and belief and confidence, and very few people have those parts of their personality developed enough in order to get to the part where you actually are realized in the business. You've talked to a lot of directors; I think the bottom line is you're amazed at their total commitment to what they're doing. They're not in here to play games. When I talk to my friends Scorsese or Spielberg or Lucas or Coppola, these guys are driven. They've been to the top, they've been to the bottom, they've seen it all and they're still going. Because they have a commitment and belief in what they're doing, they've had some success to see that their visions can in fact be realized and they're just gonna keep going until they fall down.
Brian De Palma

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