Thursday, January 2 a performer, it’s not exactly like method acting. I don’t have to, like, work myself up. If I’m going to sing a song that’s, say, melancholy, I don’t have to work myself up to that state like a method actor might before I begin singing the song. The song, if it is well done, and listeners have the exact experience, it kind of reaches into you and grabs that kind of experience that you’ve had, that part of you, those kinds of emotions and pulls you to the surface and kind of recreates that experience every time you sing the song, more or less. So I thought, “Wow, yes — it’s pulling the stuff out of us.” The music is, as opposed to us putting it into the music. We make the thing that does that. As composers and musicians – we make the stuff, but then it acts back on us.
David Byrne
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